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Food NamePotassiumCalories 
Milk, human5170
Milk, cow's, fluid, whole14360
Milk, cow's, fluid, whole, low-sodium25361
Milk, calcium fortified, cow's, fluid, whole14360
Milk, calcium fortified, cow's, fluid, 1% fat15042
Milk, calcium fortified, cow's, fluid, skim or nonfat16635
Milk, cow's, fluid, other than whole ("lowfat")15244
Milk, cow's, fluid, 2% fat15050
Milk, cow's, fluid, acidophilus, 1% fat15042
Milk, cow's, fluid, acidophilus, 2% fat15050
Milk, cow's, fluid, 1% fat15042
Milk, cow's, fluid, skim or nonfat, 0.5% or less butterfat15634
Milk, cow's, fluid, filled with vegetable oil13963

Usage Notes

  • Potassium measured in milligrams and calories are calculated per 100g of food.
  • This potassium content of foods database contains approximately 7,000 most common food items.
  • Click on column header to sort foods by name or by potassium or calories.
  • Pie chart shows relative contributions to total calories from carbohydrate, protein and fat (and alcohol, if exists).

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Potassium in Diet

Potassium is a mineral involved in electrical and cellular body functions.

Function of Potassium

Potassium is a very important mineral to the human body. It has various roles in metabolism and body functions and is essential for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs:

  • It assists in the regulation of the acid-base balance.
  • It assists in protein synthesis from amino acids and in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • It is necessary for the building of muscle and for normal body growth.
  • It is essential for the normal electrical activity of the heart.

Potassium Food Sources

Many foods contain potassium. All meats (red meat and chicken) and fish such as salmon, cod, flounder, and sardines are good sources of potassium. Soy products and veggie burgers are also good sources of potassium.
Vegetables including broccoli, peas, lima beans, tomatoes, potatoes (especially their skins), sweet potatoes, and winter squashes are all good sources of potassium.
Fruits that contain significant sources of potassium include citrus fruits, cantaloupe, bananas, kiwi, prunes, and apricots. Dried apricots contain more potassium than fresh apricots.
Milk and yogurt, as well as nuts, are also excellent sources of potassium.
People on dialysis for kidney failure should avoid consuming too many of these potassium-rich foods. These people require specialized diets to avoid excess potassium in the blood.

Side Effects of Potassium

Having too much or too little potassium in the body can have very serious consequences.

Because so many foods contain potassium, too little potassium (potassium deficiency) is rarely caused by inadequate diet. However, even a moderate reduction in the body's potassium levels can lead to salt sensitivity and high blood pressure. The recommended dietary intake of 4.7 gm or higher can slightly lower blood pressure.


Potassium is needed for cells, especially nerve and muscle cells, to function properly. You get potassium through food. The kidneys remove excess potassium in the urine to keep a proper balance of the mineral in the body. Hypokalemia is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the level of potassium in the blood drops too low.

A deficiency of potassium (hypokalemia) can happen in people with certain diseases or as a result of taking diuretics (water pills) for the treatment of high blood pressure or heart failure. Additionally, many medications -- such as diuretics, laxatives, and steroids -- can cause a loss of potassium, which occasionally may be very severe. You should have your blood levels of potassium checked from time to time if you take any of these medicines. Diuretics are probably the most common cause of hypokalemia.

A variety of conditions can cause potassium loss from the body. The most common are vomiting and diarrhea. Several rare kidney and adrenal gland disorders may also cause low potassium levels.


Too much potassium in the blood is known as hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia occurs when the level of potassium in the bloodstream is higher than normal. This may be related to an increase in total body potassium or the excess release of potassium from the cells into the bloodstream.

The kidneys normally remove excess potassium from the body. Most cases of hyperkalemia are caused by disorders that reduce the kidneys' ability to get rid of potassium.

The hormone aldosterone regulates kidney removal of sodium and potassium. Lack of aldosterone can result in hyperkalemia with an increase in total body potassium. Addison's disease is one disorder that causes reduced aldosterone production.

Any time potassium is released from the cells, it may build up in the fluid outside the cells and in the bloodstream. Acidosis leads to the movement of potassium from inside the cells to the fluid outside the cells. Tissue injury can cause the cells to release potassium.

If the kidney is working properly, and there is enough aldosterone, tissue trauma alone rarely leads to hyperkalemia. A normally functioning kidney will remove the excess potassium that has been released from the cells.

Increased intake of potassium can cause hyperkalemia if kidney function is poor. Salt substitutes often contain potassium, as do many "low-salt" packaged foods.

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Potassium Rich Foods

List of the 100 foods richest in potassium. Potassium values are in milligrams per 100 grams of food weight.

Food Name Potassium

Leavening agents, cream of tartar 16500

Leavening agents, baking powder, low-sodium 10100

Parsley, freeze-dried 6300

Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder 6040

Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder, decaffeinated 6040

Spices, chervil, dried 4740

Spices, coriander leaf, dried 4466

Celery flakes, dried 4388

Coffee, instant, regular, powder 3535

Coffee, instant, regular, powder, half the caffeine 3535

Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder 3501

Radishes, oriental, dried 3494

Tea, instant, unsweetened, lemon-flavored, powder 3453

Tomatoes, sun-dried 3427

Coffee, instant, with chicory, powder 3395

Spices, dill weed, dried 3308

Peppers, sweet, red, freeze-dried 3170

Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried 3170

Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, low calorie, powder 3132

Spices, tarragon, dried 3020

Chives, freeze-dried 2960

Cocoa mix, no sugar added, powder 2702

Cocoa mix, with aspartame, low calorie, powder, with added calcium phosphorus, without added 2702

sodium or vitamin A

Spices, parsley, dried 2683

Spices, basil, dried 2630

Soy flour, low-fat, crude protein basis (N x 6.25) 2570

Tea, instant, sweetened with sodium saccharin, lemon-flavored, powder, decaffeinated 2568

Tea, instant, sweetened with sodium saccharin, lemon-flavored, powder 2568

Potassium Rich Foods Potassium

Carrot, dehydrated 2540

Spices, turmeric, ground 2525

Fruit-flavored drink, powder, with high vitamin C with other added vitamins, low calorie 2518

Soy flour, full-fat, raw 2515

Soy flour, full-fat, raw, crude protein basis (N x 6.25) 2515

Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, processed with alkali 2509

Cocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, processed with alkali 2509

Soy meal, defatted, raw, crude protein basis (N x 6.25) 2490

Soy meal, defatted, raw 2490

Coffee substitute, cereal grain beverage, powder 2443

Peppers, ancho, dried 2411

Leeks, (bulb and lower-leaf portion), freeze-dried 2400

Soy flour, defatted 2384

Whey, acid, dried 2289

Spices, paprika 2280

Dairy drink mix, chocolate, reduced calorie, with low-calorie sweeteners, powder 2240

Peppers, pasilla, dried 2222

Soy protein concentrate, produced by alcohol extraction 2202

Beverage, milkshake mix, dry, not chocolate 2200

Seeds, sisymbrium sp. seeds, whole, dried 2130

Yeast extract spread 2100

Soy flour, defatted, crude protein basis (N x 6.25) 2090

Soy flour, low-fat 2090

Whey, sweet, dried 2080

Soy flour, full-fat, roasted, crude protein basis (N x 6.25) 2041

Soy flour, full-fat, roasted 2041

Spices, pepper, red or cayenne 2014

Seeds, breadnut tree seeds, dried 2011

Gelatin desserts, dry mix, reduced calorie, with aspartame, added phosphorus, potassium, sodium, 1985

vitamin C

Spices, chili powder 1950

Potassium Rich Foods Potassium

Tomato powder 1927

Spearmint, dried 1924

Meat extender 1902

Peppers, hot chile, sun-dried 1870

Seeds, cottonseed meal, partially defatted (glandless) 1869

Coffee and cocoa (mocha) powder, with whitener and low calorie sweetener, decaffeinated 1856

Coffee and cocoa (mocha) powder, with whitener and low calorie sweetener 1856

Apricots, dehydrated (low-moisture), sulfured, uncooked 1850

Potatoes, mashed, dehydrated, granules with milk, dry form 1848

Palm hearts, raw 1806

Soybeans, mature seeds, raw 1797

Beans, white, mature seeds, raw 1795

Milk, dry, nonfat, regular, without added vitamin A and vitamin D 1794

Milk, dry, nonfat, regular, with added vitamin A and vitamin D 1794

Spices, cumin seed 1788

Seeds, cottonseed flour, partially defatted (glandless) 1772

Seeds, cottonseed flour, low fat (glandless) 1761

Potato chips, without salt, reduced fat 1744

Snacks, potato chips, reduced fat 1744

Lima beans, large, mature seeds, raw 1724

Spices, saffron 1724

Steelhead trout, dried, flesh (Shoshone Bannock) 1720

Milk, dry, nonfat, instant, without added vitamin A and vitamin D 1705

Milk, dry, nonfat, instant, with added vitamin A and vitamin D 1705

Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted 1705

Spices, fennel seed 1694

Shallots, freeze-dried 1650

Snacks, potato chips, plain, salted 1642

Snacks, potato chips, fat free, salted 1628

Onions, dehydrated flakes 1622


Potassium Rich Foods Potassium

Milk, buttermilk, dried 1592

Soy protein isolate, potassium type 1590

Soy protein isolate, potassium type, crude protein basis 1590

Kanpyo, (dried gourd strips) 1582

Cocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, plain 1574

Tomatoes, sun-dried, packed in oil, drained 1565

Spices, curry powder 1543

Beans, small white, mature seeds, raw 1542

Mushrooms, shiitake, dried 1534

Snacks, potato chips, cheese-flavor 1528

Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened 1524

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