How to search for foods?

Enter one or more words that are parts of the food names into the search box then hit return. Words can be entered in any order and partial words are acceptable. For example, to search for roast beef dishes, you can type in “roast” and “beef” or “bee” and “roas”, etc.

Click on the column header to sort foods by name or by nutrient content. Click again to reverse sort order.

If more foods are found than can be displayed on one page, click on the page numbers at the lower right corner of the table to go to other pages.

What does the abbreviation NS in food names stand for?

It means Not Specified.

Any of these databases available in printed format?

Some of our databases and nutrition handbooks are available both in printed and ebook formats on Amazon: DietGrail Publications on Amazon .

How about Windows versions?

All of our databases are available for Windows. Software can be purchased for immediate download at our partner site heath-diet.us: DietGrail Nutrient Analysis Software for Windows.

Where do calories come from?

Calories come from the energy stored in our foods. The macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrate) and alcohol (if exists) contribute to the total calories of a food.

In many of our web apps, we provide the percentages of calories from the 3 macronutrients to help users evaluate and choose optimal foods for their diet.