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Food NameSugar Calories
Butter, salted0
Butter, whipped, with salt0
Butter oil, anhydrous0
Cheese, blue9
Cheese, brick11
Cheese, brie2
Cheese, camembert2
Cheese, caraway12
Cheese, cheddar5
Cheese, cheshire18
Cheese, colby10
Cheese, cottage, creamed, large or small curd13
Cheese, cottage, creamed, with fruit18
Cheese, cottage, nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd26

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Sugar Calories

According to Jorge Cruise, sugar calories are calories that come from "all carbohydrates."

Cruise is (deliberately) confusing with regard to his use of the word sugar. In the same paragraph on page 89 of his hard-cover book, he writes "I am not saying all carbohydrates and sugars are completely equal" then, a couple of sentences later, he writes "when I say Sugar Calories I mean all carbohydrates [calories]".

Cruise explicitly shows how Sugar Calories are calculated:

"To calculate your Sugar Calories, take the Total Carbohydrate grams (which are the real total sugar grams) and multiply by 4."

In this web app, we calculate sugar calories as Cruise defines them, albeit with better precision. Just note that sugar calories and carb calories are exactly equivalent in Cruise's The 100™ Sugar Calories diet.

Review of Jorge Cruise's The 100™ Sugar Calories Diet

The key principle of Cruise's diet can be summarized in one sentence:
Sugar calories are the only calories you'll need to keep track of.

Certain types of calories do not need to be counted. You can enjoy unlimited amounts of delicious and healthy no-count calories from foods that you love.

You have 100 Sugar Calories a day to consume and you can use them any way you like.

If you choose the right foods, their (non-sugar) calories don't count and you can eat as much as you want.

Cruise's Claim:

Count only sugar calories and lose up to 18 lbs in 2 weeks.

Jorge Cruise Diet: What to Eat and Does It Work?

The 100 Sugar Calories diet is essentially a low-carb diet.

To make this an effective diet, one cannot take Cruise's 100 calories principle literally. Otherwise, you can have multiple 2-pound steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still aren't anywhere near Cruise's 100-sugar-calorie limit. Or take in half a cup of chocolate ice cream and you've already exceeded your daily food allocation.

Eat a variety of foods within your adopted diet guidelines. Good nutrition is more than carbs and calories. You need sufficient intakes of many different micronutrients to be healthy.

Use our web app to evaluate the sugar (carb) calories of the foods you like. Be sensible with your food choices and moderate with your food consumption and many diets will work for you.

For additional web apps and info about our other low-carb diets, see our directory of carb-related nutrient databases listed at end of page.

About DietGrail's 100 Sugar Calories Diet Web App

This webpage provides a summary of Jorge Cruise's The 100™ Sugar Calories diet and a comprehensive food database for visitors to choose foods suitable for Cruise's diet.

This online searchable and sortable food database has sugar calories data for over 8,000 common foods.

Besides total calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate data, we provide percentages of calories that come from protein, carb and fat for each food. (The total of these caloric percentages should be 100 unless the food contains alcohol.)

For the convenience of USA users, we also calculate the Sugar Calories per ounce of food weight. The default data, otherwise, are for 100 grams (3.5 oz) of food weight. Just click the appropriate checkboxes to display desired data.

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